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A Message from Father Tim

You might remember that back in 2015, Bishop Zubik announced a process that would move the parishes of our diocese, the Church of Pittsburgh, to be positioned for the future through realignment of resources. Those resources, including parish finances, personnel, and clergy, were unevenly distributed resulting in some parishes having what they needed to advance the proclamation of the Gospel, while many did not.
How could we, across all six counties of our diocese, share among every parish, what was needed to accomplish the bishop’s dream? Through a series of gatherings with clergy and faithful, and working under the direction of a consultant, On Mission for The Church Alive! was launched. Following consultation with and input from the faithful, parishes were grouped together with the intention of working collaboratively under one clergy team and a shared staff, determining what was necessary to build a stronger parish community that would be able to be sustained for decades to come.
Following multiple iterations, our grouping, given the identification number, 100, was announced with the other groupings in April 2018. While many of those groupings have merged and taken on new identities as parishes, ours is in the beginning stages of the On Mission process. Over the months ahead we will move to fulfill the bishop’s desire that the three parishes in our grouping merge to become one new parish. His decision considered several options for how we should work together and recently, this past summer, he announced that his desire for our grouping is that we become one combined parish.
Our official merger process and timeline begins this fall with an expected merger in July 2022.  In the coming weeks I will share with you what steps we are taking to prepare for the work ahead. Look for more information in the bulletin, here on the website, and in our weekly emails.
Fr. Tim

Help Us Choose a New Name for Our Parish

As you may remember, back in October of 2018, our three parishes came together as a grouping as part of the On Mission for The Church Alive initiative. In July of 2022, these three communities will merge to form a new parish. Bishop Zubik has asked the faithful of all three parishes (Assumption, Sacred Heart, and St. John Neumann) for their suggestions for a name for the soon-to-be new parish. Each church building will retain its own name – we are asking for suggestions for the name of our new, combined parish community. In thinking about and praying about what name you might suggest, consider not just the past and where we have been – but also the future, and where we like to see our parish in the years and decades to come.


As you discern your suggestion for our new name, please consider the following criteria:


Any proposed name should be taken from:

  • Our Lord Jesus Christ, invoked under a mystery of his life or under his name as used in the liturgy or Scripture

  • the Blessed Virgin Mary under a given title already found in the liturgy

  • the holy angels

  • a saint from the list found in the Church’s calendar of memorials & feasts

  • all names of those who are beatified or named “blessed”. Please note: the name of the parish would need to be changed once the beatified are canonized.


Please avoid the following:

  • A name that is already used many times in the diocese

  • Hyphenated names of current parishes

  • The names of other churches, Catholic or non-Catholic, in or near the territory of our new parish


You can submit your suggestions by clicking here to access the survey, by scanning the QR code below, or by calling the parish offices at 412-366-5885 or 412-766-6660. The final deadline for submissions will be Monday, November 29, 2021.


Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this important part of our coming together as part of On Mission for The Church Alive, which will help us to better spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.


In Christ,

Fr. Timothy Deely

Administrator of Assumption, Sacred Heart and St. John Neumann