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A Message from Father Tim

You might remember that back in 2015, Bishop Zubik announced a process that would move the parishes of our diocese, the Church of Pittsburgh, to be positioned for the future through realignment of resources. Those resources, including parish finances, personnel, and clergy, were unevenly distributed resulting in some parishes having what they needed to advance the proclamation of the Gospel, while many did not.
How could we, across all six counties of our diocese, share among every parish, what was needed to accomplish the bishop’s dream? Through a series of gatherings with clergy and faithful, and working under the direction of a consultant, On Mission for The Church Alive! was launched. Following consultation with and input from the faithful, parishes were grouped together with the intention of working collaboratively under one clergy team and a shared staff, determining what was necessary to build a stronger parish community that would be able to be sustained for decades to come.
Following multiple iterations, our grouping, given the identification number, 100, was announced with the other groupings in April 2018. While many of those groupings have merged and taken on new identities as parishes, ours is in the beginning stages of the On Mission process. Over the months ahead we will move to fulfill the bishop’s desire that the three parishes in our grouping merge to become one new parish. His decision considered several options for how we should work together and recently, this past summer, he announced that his desire for our grouping is that we become one combined parish.
Our official merger process and timeline begins this fall with an expected merger in July 2022.  In the coming weeks I will share with you what steps we are taking to prepare for the work ahead. Look for more information in the bulletin, here on the website, and in our weekly emails.
Fr. Tim

On Mission Update

February 27, 2022

ON MISSION UPDATE As we prepare to begin the great journey of Lent - the journey that leads to the joy of Easter, there are two important items to update you on about the On Mission merger process for our grouping.


1.) Last week we hosted three parish assemblies (one at Sacred Heart on Thursday, February 10; at St. John Neumann on Sunday, February 13; and at Assumption on Monday, February 14). We were grateful that so many of you turned out for each session - to learn more about the specifics of the the merger process and to ask any questions that you may have had.


If you were unable to attend one of the sessions - or if you attended and wanted to take a closer look at the data presented, please visit our parish websites. There you will find the following three items: - a video recording of the presentation that was given at each assembly - the PowerPoint presentation which contains all the data - a survey that invites your feedback on the presentation and the merger process

Note that the survey will be open until Tuesday, March 1st.


2.) From March 1st until March 15th, a second survey will also be available on our parish websites. This second survey will ask for your feedback regarding the list of eight names that Bishop Zubik asked us to further consider as possible names for the new parish in July. The list of eight names is available on the website - along with links to more information about them. Also, for the next couple weeks, you can find information about a few of the names, here in the bulletin. When we conducted a similar survey last autumn, we were grateful for your responses and engagement. It was very helpful. Thank you again, in advance, for your diligence and thoughtfulness in helping to provide these final suggestions to the Bishop about our possible new name.


That’s it for now. Thank you again for all your help with these two surveys (one ending March 1st - and the second ending March 15th.)


-Fr. Tim

February 6, 2022

 Two important items:


1.) After meeting in the month of December and in early January, the clergy team and the combined finance and pastoral councils from all three parishes compiled a list of twenty names from the almost two hundred suggested names we received in November and December of last year.  This list of twenty names was sent to the Bishop for his consideration and approval in January.  We have now received from the Diocese the preliminary new parish names that Bishop Zubik has approved for further consideration by our parishioners.  The list of eight names is as follows:


St. Gemma Galgani

St. John of the Cross

St. Lucy

St. Marianne Cope

St. Rita

Sts. Simeon and Anna

Gate of Heaven

Regina Caeli


In addition to what you find doing your own research, more information about each of these saints or Marian titles will be posted on our parish websites.


Our next step will be to solicit your input once again (in early March) about this preliminary list of names and which ones you would like to see suggested to the Bishop when he considers the final name for our new parish.  Be on the lookout for information on that process later in February.


2.) An important part of the merger process will happen this month: we will be having three parish assemblies this month – one at each church.  These assemblies are opportunities for you to learn more about our parish grouping, specifics about the merger process, and also to give you the opportunity to ask questions and offer your feedback.  It would be great if everyone could attend one of the sessions.  They will be held at each church, but you can attend any of the sessions.  The dates for the parish assemblies are:

Thursday, February 10 at Sacred Heart at 7pm

Sunday, February 13 at St. John Neumann at 1pm

Monday, February 14 at Assumption at 6:30pm


We hope to see you at one of these assemblies.


Fr. Tim